This is a companion resource site for our session on using Diigo to
  1. support students' individual and group research projects
  2. guide student understanding of web-based content
  3. comment on student on-line writing using 'invisible ink'
  4. expand our own personal learning networks
  5. build global communities based on shared interests, topics and projects

Learner Outcomes:

  1. Provide rationale for using Diigo
  2. Gain proficiency in using Diigo
  3. Brainstorm use of Diigo in elementary, middle and high school language programs
  4. Develop activity that uses Diigo

Diigo Tutorials:

  1. Introduction to Diigo
  2. Diigo for Educators
  3. Creating a Diigo Community
  4. Capture Video into Diigo


  1. Teacher Feedback with Diigo
  2. Using Diigo Annotation Tools for Intensive Language Feedback

What the Research Says:

  1. John Medina's Brain Rules