This is a companion resource site for our session on using Animoto to reinforce vocabulary and grammar, introduce culture concepts and provide opportunities for authentic communication using the target language.

Watch the 5.16 minute video of Chris Lehmann, principal of the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, PA, titled "The Schools We Need"
(Powerpoint for talk)

Small Group Discussion:

Should we/do we dare our students to:
  • research
  • collaborate
  • create
  • present
  • network

What are some examples of current practice?

Could we dare our students more and if so, how?

How does this fit with our curricular goals?

What are some institutional challenges?

Learner Outcomes:

  1. Provide rationale for using Animoto
  2. Gain proficiency in using Animoto
  3. Understand and apply copyright and fair use appropriately
  4. Understand and apply internet safety guidelines

Animoto Tutorials:

  1. Introduction to Animoto
  2. Animoto for Education
  3. Sharing an Animoto
  4. Embedding Animotos into our Ning
  5. Embedding Vokis into our Ning


  1. Using Animoto to Promote Speaking in the Foreign Language by José Picardo—this has information on how he created his own audio sound track
  2. The Animoto Challenge by José Picardo
  3. The Animoto Challenge: Grammar Points by José Picardo
  4. The Animoto Challenge: Pre-Writing Prompts and more ideas! by José Picardo
  5. The Animoto Challenge: My Daily Routine by José Picardo
  6. Sayreville, New Jersey School District Animotos facilitated by Barbara De Santis, their in-class support technology instructor
  7. Creating student accounts. An example of a pre-conference Animoto by Jennifer Carrier Dorman. In this blog post she also explains how to use gmail to create 'dummy accounts' for your students
  8. Glastonbury 2009 French Exchange by Adina Alexandru

What the Research Says:

  1. John Medina's Brain Rules

Using MP3 Players:

  1. Using Digital Voice Recorders in the Classroom by A Salt
  2. What Can You Do With Podcasts by Will Richardson

Audio, Music and Photo Resources:

  1. Wes Fyer's Links
  2. Creative Commons
  3. FlickrStorm
  4. Royalty Free Music

Copyright Resources:

  1. Harry Shows How to Use Creative Commons
  2. How to Cite Creative Commons Works by Molly Kleinman
  3. Wes Fyer's Collection of Videos Used for PDs, includes CC, Copyright and Fair Use

Internet Safety:

  1. Social Learning and Safe Learning by Will Richardson
  2. Wes Fryer's Collection of Videos Used for PDs, includes Internet Safety
  3. Wired Safety
  4. NetSmartz
  5. Digiteen